My Stretch Goal: To Ship RIA Services Source Code

When I laid out my commitments for the current fiscal year, I included “Ship RIA Services Source Code” as a stretch goal.  Pulling this off will require a ton of effort.  I’ll have to work with management up several levels, with our legal department, and with dozens of others to... [Read More]
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Pictures from PDC09

Here are some of the pictures I took while in LA for PDC09.  I had a great time and I hope that I get the chance to attend more conferences. The Standard has its name upside down for the logo. I tried to take a picture of the desk at... [Read More]
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DomainDataSource Error Handling

With the RIA Services July 2009 Preview release, we heard significant feedback about the DomainDataSource error handling story.  The biggest problem was when errors occurred during Load() or SubmitChanges(), server-side errors would be silently swallowed unless you opted into the LoadError, LoadedData, and SubmittedChanges events, and explicitly checked for errors. ... [Read More]