RIA/JS - jQuery client for WCF RIA Services

Today at MIX11, Brad Olenick announced RIA/JS, a jQuery client for WCF RIA Services.  This is an early preview that we want to get your feedback on.  Long before WCF RIA Services V1.0 was released, we started talking RIA Services support for AJAX; in fact, you can see the item... [Read More]

WCF RIA Services - MIX11 Releases

This week at MIX, the RIA Services team has put out two releases: WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP2 Preview (April 2011) Download available here.  This MSI is also included with the Silverlight 5 Beta Tools. Note: you cannot have both SP1 and SP2 installed on your machine.  Installing SP2 will... [Read More]

WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP1

On March 8, Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 was released to MSDN subscribers, and general availability is March 10.  For the WCF RIA Services team, this is especially exciting because our MSI is chained into the installation.  If your machine has the Silverlight 3 SDK on it, then VS... [Read More]
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WCF RIA Services Product and Toolkit Downloads

I heard that with my last blog post that announced the December 2010 Toolkit release, there was some confusion about our Product vs. Toolkit.  I have added clarification to that post, but I wanted to put out another post dedicated to clearing up any confusion I caused. Up until now,... [Read More]
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WCF RIA Services Toolkit December 2010

Up until now, the WCF RIA Services team has always published 2 installers with each release: The actual “Product” bits – What gets installed as WCF RIA Services (with a specific version number) The additional “Toolkit” bits – What gets installed as WCF RIA Services Toolkit The Product installer is... [Read More]