I saw mention of Google Scribe the other day.  If you open it up in Chrome, it has a feature for reading your mind.  Okay, it’s just word completion.  While I can usually type a word out faster than I can read what auto-completion is providing me, break my stride, hit the space bar, and pick back up on the next word… it’s still fun.  For extra funness, I decided to see what Scribe would produce if I typed only 1 letter and then let auto-complete run with it until it stops suggesting words.  I did this for each letter of the alphabet, both upper- and lower-case as the results were different.

Below is what Google Scribe produced for me.  On each line, I merely typed the first letter and then let auto-completion do the rest.  When it stopped suggesting words, I hit enter and went to the next letter.

As a result of the fact that the two are
But I do not know what  to do with the
City of London and the South East of England and 
Do not forget to check out the new video for  
English and Spanish and has a very good job of 
For example the following code to the end of the 
God is the only one who can not afford to 
He was a member of the Board of Directors of 
I have a lot of people are not aware of any 
John  and Mary Ann were married in the first place 
King of the Hill Country of Texas at Austin and 
London and the South East of England and the United 
My husband is a very good job of it than 
New York City and the County of  San Francisco and  
On the other hand the same way as the first   
Park and the surrounding area and the second is the  
Quality of Life in the Universe is a great way   
Research and Development Center for the Arts and Crafts movement   
So I have to say that the first and second   
The first is the one that is not the case  
University  of California at Berkeley and the University of California  
View all homes near 1 AU and the UN Convention  
We have a lot of people are not aware of  
X is a halogen atom or a methyl group at the  
You can also use the following command to create a  
Zealand and the United States and the United States and   

an important role in the development of the new year   
be a good idea to have a good time to    
can be used to determine the effect of the drug  
do not have to be a part of the     
each of the three major credit bureaus and other information  
for the first time in the future and the future  
get a good deal of the day and night to  
have been a number of different ways to get the  
in the same way as the first step in the  
just a few of the many reasons why you should  
know that the first and second ends of the earth  
like to see the new one is a little bit  
more than one year after the date of the first  
not be able to get a good deal of the  
of the present invention is to provide a method for  
people who are not in the same way as the  
quality of the product or as part of the products   
right to be free of the disease and the presence    
so that the first and second ends of the earth   
that the first and second ends of the earth and the              
up to the top of  the page to research company       
very good at it and it was a good idea    
was a great success and we are not able to  
x, y ∈ Y and a set of rules for the    
zero and the other is a more detailed description of