On March 8, Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 was released to MSDN subscribers, and general availability is March 10.  For the WCF RIA Services team, this is especially exciting because our MSI is chained into the installation.  If your machine has the Silverlight 3 SDK on it, then VS 2010 SP1 will install the Silverlight 4 developer runtime, the Silverlight 4 SDK, and WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP1.

In addition to our inclusion in VS2010 SP1, our standalone installer has been updated to the RTM release instead of the SP1 Beta.  The changes to http://silverlight.net/getstarted/riaservices are still in progress, but you can get to the RTM installer with this direct link.  The RTM build number is 4.1.60114.0 - the release is propagating through the download servers, so be sure to check that build number.

Changes Since SP1 Beta

(To see what changed between V1 RTM and V1 SP1 Beta, review this post)

After we put out SP1 Beta, our focus was to address any customer-reported bugs with the Beta.  Between the Beta and RTM releases of SP1, we were able to fix about 40 bugs, many of which were reported through the forums - thank you!  Here are some of the features that had bugs reported/fixed:

  • Complex type property validation
  • Code generation with shared files in class libraries
  • VB code generation of complex types
  • VB code generation of EF POCO entities
  • Performance of POST operations
  • Service Activation with both HTTP and another protocol enabled
  • Entity association regressions from V1
  • Entity conflict resolution handling of Timestamp properties

We also finished up a couple of additional work items in the RTM release:

  • IntelliSense Localization into 9 languages
  • Silverlight Business Application project template now uses the Complex Types feature for RegistrationData

WCF RIA Services Toolkit

Our Toolkit was not updated with this release.  The December 2010 version of the Toolkit is still the most recent, and it works with the RTM build of SP1.  We are planning to have another release of the Toolkit within the next couple of months.

Latest Releases:

Here are the quick links to the current installers: