Not too long ago, a gentleman named Bill Burrows (a VB MVP) contacted me and asked for permission to use content from my blog to create a video tutorial series on RIA Services Validation.  I was really flattered by this and gave him my permission.  I apply a Creative Commons Share-Alike license to the content on my blog, so Bill could have really done this without my explicit permission, but I do appreciate that he asked.  I simply requested that he respect the Share-Alike and Attribution portions of the license.

Today, Bill sent me an update to let me know the video tutorials were published.  I just watched the introduction video and I really like what Bill has set up; it looks like a great scenario for demonstrating many different types of validation.  And as a bonus, he has all of the code from his tutorial packaged up for you to download!

Here are the videos that Bill has created:

I plan to also publish the C# code from my blog post series.  Before I publish it though, I really want to get a few more posts created to wrap up the series.  Once the series is complete, I’ll get all of the code published to provide a single source for all of the validation scenarios I’ve covered.  Stay tuned!