I use disposable email addresses pretty aggressively.  When I need to give someone (specifically websites) an email address, I create an address specific to that site.  This has allowed me to easily block those sites that send me spam (or sell my data).  I am very disciplined about this and it has kept a lot of spam away from my eyes.

The few times I’ve had my data sold, I report this as a privacy policy violation to the site.  Tonight, I reported such a violation to SnowCovered.com (lack of link intentional).


After I sent that email and closed down a few other tasks for the night, I spun up Google Reader, where I see:


I chuckled at the coincidence of this.

For the record, here are the other sites I have had to block over the years.  Again, omission of links is intentional.

  1. Bravo TV (bravotv.com)
  2. Borders (borders.com)
  3. ClassMates.com
  4. Nero (nero.com)
  5. software-intl.com
  6. 2insure4less.com
  7. AutomatedQA (automatedqa.com)
  8. ServiceObjects (serviceobjects.com)
  9. Subaru of America (my.subaru.com)

Most of these sites just spammed me relentlessly themselves, but the ones in bold had their databases breached and I started receiving phishing scams and/or other general spam at the addresses I’d provided them.