Over the holidays, we ended up watching WALL-E.  A coworker had recommended that we get it for the kids.  We actually watched it on the plane going to Cincinnati, then we watched it at the hotel, and we bought it when we got back to Seattle.  We’ve watched it a few times in the past week.  Great Film!

Kelly picked up on something a couple of days ago that was pretty interesting.  As she said, “I figured out why [the] WALL-E [character] is so endearing.  He looks just like E.T.”  Wow, she is right!  The character has a definite likeness to the classic.  Figure, the character worked for E.T., why reinvent it?  The general shape, the voice, and other characteristics Wall-e_ _Eve (2)seem very similar.  It makes me want to watch E.T. and then WALL-E and compare and contrast the characters.

We have the glowing finger (or light bulb).  We have the forehead kiss.  Instead of flying a bike in front of the moon, WALL-E uses a fire extinguisher to fly around in space and dance with EVE.  There are probably hundreds of similar moments between the movies.  I’m sure it wasn’t by accident.