When we moved to the greater Seattle area, we knew we’d be in for some rain.  They don’t call it Mt. Rainier for nothing – it’s rainier here than most places.  But there was an aspect of Seattle that we didn’t quite expect—the dark side of Seattle.

I don’t mean “dark” figuratively.  I mean it quite literally.  Yesterday, the sunset was at 4:34pm.  And since it’s so overcast, it was dark by 4:15pm.  We’ve heard that come December, it will be dark by 3:30pm, even though the sun won’t set until 4:20pm.

This is going to be a very depressing winter, we can tell already.  The summer was pretty fabulous overall though.  It got a lot hotter than we wanted it too—especially considering we don’t have A/C.  When it was getting up to 85°-88° in the townhouse during the afternoon, that was pretty rough.  But the sun shined for about 85 days, and it was generally beautiful.  The scenery out here is spectacular.  I definitely recommend visiting out here in August if you can.