So, after congress worked so hard last week to reach a tentative agreement, it ended up getting rejected. I actually found enjoyment in this event; it was so ironic to see this bailout bill fail after all those jerks got in front of us and applauded themselves for doing such a good job.

I'm also glad that the bill failed because I don't support the bailout, or "rescue plan" as they are calling it. These companies got themselves into this mess by acting unethically. Screw em. And the American people, American companies, and the American government have all gotten too accustomed to living beyond their means. It's time for a reality check!

"They" are saying that if we don't bail these companies out with taxpayer dollars, then it's going to get really, really bad. Ya know what I say? It's survival of the fittest; the strong companies will survive, the others will not. Let the shit hit the fan and see how it scatters!