Following my wife's lead, I decided to use my blogger blog to post rants about our political system, instead of littering my main blog with the off-topic posts. My blog at is mainly a technical blog, and I don't want to distract my readers there with politics. Oh, and don't be upset when I swear here either. Without swearing, it wouldn't be a rant!

So, here we go...

Last night, when I lay in bed and turned on the news, everyone was covering DC, talking about how congress was "working hard" and late into the night. It was breaking news, and it was a big fucking deal. In fact, at 12:30am ET, Pelosi came out and got behind the microphone and started talking about how hard everyone had been working. After her, person after person got up and thanked a list of people for their patience. It totally sounded like a series of Oscar acceptance speeches. Or you could have interpreted it as them sucking each others' dicks; either way.

At the end of the speeches, all we knew was that they had a tentative agreement because they had all worked so hard all week. They all had their chance to talk to the country about how hard they'd been working... right before a major election. So now when they leave on Monday to go campaign, they can say, "look how hard I worked... last week." Well ya know what I'd have to say back to them? "Fuck you!"

These dicks have been sitting on their asses for years, watching the sub-prime scandal put huge companies into dangerous situations. Congress did nothing. CEOs of these companies kept raking in hundreds of millions of dollars. Congress did nothing. Thousands and thousands of Americans fell into the banking scheme, taking mortgages they could never afford, setting them up for complete disaster. Congress did nothing. Millions of people saw their house values drop like a rock because there are so many foreclosures on the market that it's hard to compete. Congress did nothing. Tens of millions of Americans work very hard, every week, trying to make ends meet. The cost of living has been skyrocketing and these Americans keep working harder and harder to stay above water. Congress did nothing. For a single fucking week, Congress worked hard to address this disaster that they've allowed to occur, and they want us to thank them. No, fuck them!

I don't remember any time that a group of people working until midnight made national fucking news. But when Congress does it, wow, it's a fucking miracle -- let's give them all awards and put them behind a podium so that they can give their acceptance speeches. But what is it that they have done? They've created a $700B bailout package for these companies that practiced unethically for years, preying on the American people that trusted them. Thousands and thousands of families have lost their homes and much more, and those families get nothing; but these banks get seven-hundred-billion-dollars. And who's going to cover that bill? Why, the American people who lost their homes--that's who!

Give me a fucking break! I'd rather keep my money so that I can afford to pay my mortgage.