I had seen a few folks talk about the hundredpushups plan, and Rob Conery's post piqued my interest a little more than others.  Maybe it was just the recurrence that made me pay more attention, dunno.  But all I was really interested in doing was seeing how many push-ups I could do.  However, anxiety about not doing enough to satisfy myself prevented me from trying, until Dave put out an offer that I couldn't turn down:

For my friends out there, if you also get involved and do the program with me (and complete it) I will buy and have delivered your choice of merchandise from their site.  Let me know if this sounds too good. I am serious.

Coincidentally, the exact moment I was reading that sentence, Dave zapped me on messenger and asked if I had seen the post.  So, I bit; I told him I'd take his offer and start the program.  Then I proceeded to brag about my push-up skilz.  I gave the disclaimer that it's been years since I've done push-ups, but here are some notes from my push-up and sit-up past:

  1. Just a few years ago, I was doing 100+ push-ups and 100+ sit-ups every night;
  2. During that time, as well as earlier in my life, I could routinely clap my hands 3 times during a push-up (push up off ground, clap 3 times, land on hands, continue to next push-up);
  3. In grade school (4th or 5th grade I think), I got first place in the state of Ohio during a national push-up/sit-up contest.  I completed the most number of push-ups in a minute (somewhere around 40) as well as the most number of sit-ups in a minute (somewhere around 50).  I got a presidential patch with Ronald Reagan's embroidered signature on it as an award.  That thing is around somewhere; it would be neat to find it.

When I was young(er), I had a nice advantage for push-ups: I was tiny.  When Kelly and I met, I weighed in at 125 pounds.  I'm 5'3" or 5'4", so that made me really skinny.  I'm sure the small frame makes push-ups easier, as well as sit-ups.  But now, I weigh in at 159 (as of this morning); those extra 34 pounds aren't going to help matters, and neither is the fact that it's been a long, long time since I've worked out.

I'll be starting the program tomorrow though.  Tonight, I did my initial test.  I told Dave that I expected to be somewhere in the 35-50 push-up range; I managed to complete 32.  Not what I wanted, but not too bad I don't think.  Now I just need to follow the 6-week program, and then pick out the merch for Dave to buy me!


I couldn't resist... I went ahead and picked out the merch that I want.  I'll go for the ash grey long-sleeve t-shirt.  I need more of those out here in Seattle! Now I just need to do the program and earn the shirt.  Thanks in advance Dave!