I wanted to write a follow-up post to say that a manager from Tech City Bowl posted a comment on my blog only a couple of days after I posted my rant about an experience there.  He has offered a solution to our predicament that I feel is quite satisfactory, and he apologized that we were not better served when we were there the first time.

My son will be able to go to Tech City Bowl to bowl his first game after all.  Hopefully the staff is informed of how to address these types of situations better in the future.

Something I find very interesting about this situation is that only days after posting something to my blog about a poor experience, a manager from Tech City sought me out to resolve the situation.  Since I had heard from two employees that there was no way for my son to bowl there, I didn't seek out management myself, as I didn't expect any satisfactory response; I posted the article on my blog to blow off steam, and I never would have expected Tech City to find the post, contact me, and offer a very nice solution.

This isn't the first time I posted a review on my blog to later be contacted by the vendor.  Garmin sent me a comment in response to my review of the Nuvi 660 we got.  I think it's great that companies actively seek out reviews posted to blogs.  I am a little curious what tooks they are using to find the reviews though.  Perhaps just googling, or maybe the Newsgator feature where you can create RSS feeds that perform web searches.