Just in case you want to do this, here's a step by step guide.

  1. Start VS 2008 (no need to open a project or file)
  2. Click on Tool->Attach to Process...
  3. Select wininit.exe and click Attach
  4. Wait for the debugger to initialize
  5. Click the Stop Debugging button

When you attempt to attach to w3wp.exe, but it's not running, the keystrokes that you zip through in less than a second can cause you to be attached to wininit.exe.  Once attached, you cannot detach, you can only stop debugging, which will cause a blue screen of death, every time.

I submitted this to Microsoft Connect here: https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=328016

This is happening for me on my home workstation which is running Vista 32-bit on an AMD X64 processor.  Nothing else running.