I gave up on the ATI cards.  I went back to the GeForce 6200LE PCIe card that I bought for my XP machine.  This gives me dual monitor using the DVI-I and the VGA ports.  Then I bought a GeForce 6200OC PCI card to get to 3 (or 4) screens.

After Dave Yardy gave me the clue about multi-monitor support in Vista, it looked like the PCI/PCI combination would not work.  And PCIe/PCI only works if the 2 cards use the same WDDM driver.  I was hopeful that 2 GeForce 6200 cards would run the same driver and I'd be all set.

Well, the cards run the same driver, but the PCI card just didn't work.  I get lots of random polygons on that screen, lots of ghosting, and it's just plain bad.  This happens whether it's the 2nd card or the only card in the machine.

I talked to BFG tech tonight and the rep thought that I probably just got a bad card.  This seems reasonable considering the card also did not come with the DVI-I to VGA dongle that the box says it comes with.  I wonder if this card was previously returned by someone else, shrink-wrapped again and sold to me.  I submitted an RMA to ANTOnline so that I can return the card and try yet another one.

It sickens me that I can't get this to work.  I miss my 3rd monitor!