Over the past few months, I posted several times about my extended MVP Pattern.  Since this was an ill-planned series of posts, I wanted to post a list of the articles involved.

Scott Hanselman's post showing off the ASP.NET MVC framework triggered me to finally write about what I had created.

Here's the list of my articles though:

  1. An Extended MVP Pattern (MVP Validation)
  2. MVC/MVP Validation - How's it done?
  3. MVC vs. MVP
  4. Criticism of my Extended MVP Pattern
  5. Response to Criticism of my Extended MVP Pattern
  6. Extended MVP Pattern - Domain Validation

The domain validation post is where I finally show off what the UI is capable of doing with my MVP pattern.  The post also shows how little the Presenter has to do with validation.  After the framework was in place, there was very little code required to wire up validation for each screen, and the presentation to the user was awesome, or at least I thought so.

Upon first review of my pattern, it seems that the Presenter is in full control of validation, but in the end, it's apparent that the Model defines the validation rules and the Presenter is the conduit between the Model and the View, as it should be.  However, the Presenter has the capability of overriding the UI validation as needed, which was an important design goal for me.

I'll be considering the implementation of my framework on top of the ASP.NET MVC framework, and any constructive criticism, suggestions or general feedback would be greatly appreciated.