I met with my project manager today and we discussed my formal responsibilities on DASL.  I've recently been working on stabilizing my work pace, and in order to do so, it's important to know what the heck I'm supposed to be doing.

About a month ago, I met with my boss, one of the owners of BIG, and we discussed this kind of stuff too.  But now that we have some time behind us after I delegated some things away, it was great to review what I've been doing and actually document it--very refreshing actually.

(Updated 12/6/2007 to reflect some fine tuning by my boss)

  1. Application Development
    1. Technical architecture and design
    2. Define best practices and standard design patterns
    3. Ensure code quality
      1. Adherence to standards
      2. Maintainability
      3. Performance and efficiency
    4. Provide design direction
    5. Technology, platform and tool selection
    6. Manage technical aspects of software integrations
    7. Advanced development projects
    8. Provide technical direction for future development and projects
  2. Developer Management
    1. Provide work estimates
    2. Maintain developer task assignments
    3. Track developer activity and status
    4. Ensure established development timelines are met
    5. Development support
      1. Facilitate developer success
      2. Mentor junior developers
      3. Ensure appropriate skill growth
  3. Builds, deployments and internal environments
    1. Support and manage creation and maintenance of all internal development, support and QA environments
    2. Support and manage internal and production builds
    3. Select, create and support build tools, utilities and automation
    4. Production code deployments
  4. Analysis and field support
    1. Maintain and administer the DASL QAPR website
    2. Advanced technical support as necessary
    3. Internal subject matter expert support

While trying to document the list, I went to my desk and grabbed a month's worth of task tracker sheets to make sure that everything I've been doing was covered in the list.