In keeping up with the ASP.NET MVC discussions on ScottGu's blog, Scott made a good point about how ASP.NET will be supporting MVC, not MVP.

The above approach I showed uses a MVC based pattern - where the Controller and the View tend to be more separate and more loosly [sic] coupled.  In a MVP pattern you typically drive the UI via interfaces.  This works well with a controls model, and makes a lot of sense with both WinForms and WebForms where you are using a postback model.

Both MVC and MVP are perfectly fine approaches to use.  We are coming out with the MVC approach for ASP.NET partly because we've seen more demand for it recently for web scenarios.

I have referred to MVC and MVP somewhat interchangeably, but they are not one in the same.  I've never implemented a true MVC pattern, so I was being somewhat naive.  This realization of the differences between MVC and MVP makes me further wonder what MVC advocates would think of my MVP pattern.  Could it be used with MVC?  Or better yet, should it be used with MVC?

Regardless of that though, it seems that you probably could use the ASP.NET MVC framework to actually implement an MVP pattern, it would just require some additional plumbing.