Well since the STV2 kit isn't going to work for me, I am going to pursue making modifications to my Starmate Replay. I have never done anything like this before, so this will be a real learning experience for me. I do have a co-worker that has built some custom electronics, and he is going to assist me... but I will need some additional help from the Sirius community too.

Now, I do recognize that the Sirius terms state that I am violating the agreement by modifying my reciever... but I'm going to take the chance here... My goal is to transform the Starmate Replay into a more flexible device which is easier to use for plug and play type applications.

The first step of the project is to take the receiver apart, and identify the part number on the tuner card, and try to find some schematics for it. From what I understand, the newer receivers all use the same tuner module, and the card is equiped with extra (unused) leads that can allow an external device to control the tuner.

I very quickly hit my first snag though. Trying to take the electronics out of the case was a problem. There is a "pin" that connects the card to the back of the case. This is soldered on and it looks like it's specifically designed to break the receiver if you try to take the back of the case off.

Has anyone else tried to disassemble their Starmate Replay? If so, did you have any luck getting the back of the case off?