Well, the STV2 Optional Car Kit is not yet available for the Starmate Replay, much to my dismay... but I went ahead and got Sirius last Sunday. Radio Shack is running a special:

$130 Starmate Replay
$40 Starmate Replay Home Kit
- $50 Sirius Mail-In Rebate
- $25 Radio Shack Mail-In Rebate (in form of a gift card)
- $10 Radio Shack Bounce Back ($10 off my next $50 Radio Shack purchase)
$142 Sirius subscription (1 year)
$227 Net Cost, assuming I put the $35 credit at Radio Shack to good use.

So far, I'm very happy with the service. Although it stinks that I spent about 4 hours last Sunday night getting the service going, testing out the home kit, and installing the receiver into my car. I sort of jerry-rigged the install in my car, knowing it's temporary, but it'll do for now... I am eager to get the STV2 though, so it'll make the install much more streamlined.

I love the Memo feature on the radio, and of course I love the Replay. The 2-hour, 10mph commute home during the heavy snowfall the other day was much more pleasant having plenty of music variety at my hands. And I spent a portion of that crawl home re-programming my presets, because my inital programming was not working out.

I'm excited to have Sirius, but I'm still watching Crutchfield for the STV2 kit.