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Quickly Changing Your Visual Studio Theme

Do you have multiple personalities in Visual Studio?  I do.  And so do I.  I like to code with a dark background;I like to send people code snippets using more traditional colors. Awhile back, I wrote about how to quickly change profiles in Visual Studio, but with Visual Studio 2010, the approach changes slightly.  Here’s an update for how to toggle VS between different font/color themes, or other settings. Here’s what we’re going to do: Write a macro to export the current settings, to allow for easy backups Write a method...

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Quickly Change Profiles in Visual Studio

Phil Haack was at my desk today and saw something that I’ve set up in Visual Studio 2008 for quickly changing my profile.  It’s a trick that Sara Ford taught us in her infamous Visual Studio Tip of the Day series.  I use toolbar buttons to quickly change profiles in Visual Studio. I work in 2 different codebases, and as it turns out, they have different formatting guidelines; one uses KnR and the other uses Allman. 1: // KnR 2: if...

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Still cannot open a VS 2008 solution from explorer

Well, I jumped the gun.  I saw the post that was referenced during This Week on Channel 9 and I thought it would solve my problems.  It did not.  I still cannot open a VS 2008 solution from explorer. My issue does seem to be that I have the UAC turned on.  In order for VS 2008 to open cleanly, I have to run it as Administrator.  If I don't, I get this message when I try to open a web project. This means that I must always run VS 2008 as Administrator.  I've updated the shortcut's compatibility...

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Open a VS 2008 solution from Explorer

Andrew Arnott : Why double-clicking on an .SLN file doesn't always launch Visual Studio I thought this was because of the UAC, but it has nothing to do with that.  Glad to have a fix! Technorati Tags: Visual Studio,VS 2008

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