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Accept Except, Except - Thumbnail creator fun with Linq

It is time to write a new version of my application to pull photos off a memory stick and organize them as I like them to be.  Our current version was a quick hack to get something working when we got our digital camera a couple of years ago.  It was hacked over and over, and it ended up being very tightly bound to a certain use case.  Our use case has now changed since we have a Windows Home Server.  It's time for a more robust solution that will survive future process changes. I got to the ThumbnailCreator...

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How to safely change 13,000 lines of code, undo

Well, it's too bad.  But we decided today not to finish my 13,000-line change for our nullable value methods.  A bunch of time has gone by since I started this process, and for many reasons, I haven't had the time necessary to devote to completing it. During the process of working through the different data types, and reviewing the code where the old methods were used, I found that a lot of mistakes have been made.  Luckily though, in most places where mistakes have been made, the code still works just fine.  Often, 2 wrongs have made a right,...

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How to safely change 13,000 lines of code, part 1

I cranked out a bunch of code tonight for my new nullable types approach.  This is a .NET 1.1 solution, so it's pretty old school, but it was still fun. I explained the problem with our existing methods the other day.  Basically, we have a ton of helper functions for dealing with nulls and empty strings across all of the data types.  The methods are confusing and we haven't been using them correctly.  We need a more sensible approach. After chatting with Marco, we came up with something like this: ...

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Cannot Debug Unit Tests in VS 2008

I downloaded and installed VS 2008 Professional.  The first thing I wanted to play with was the Extension Methods stuff.  Like a good little boy, I stubbed out a method and then created a unit test. The unit test failed, as expected.  Then I put the actual code into the extension method, and ran the test again.  The test still failed.  I looked through the code and everything seemed right to me, so I put a breakpoint into the unit test and tried to debug it.  But my breakpoint did not get hit; I get the message, "No symbols...

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TDD - Proof of Incorrectness (via Haacked)

When I read part 1 of Joel's talk at Yale, I thought maybe he was referring to Phil Haack's recent post about TDD.  But, like Phil, I also got the impression later on that it was just a coincidence. I do like something Phil said in his post about this coincidence though... It’s no proof of correctness, but can be a proof of incorrectness when a test fails. That is an excellent statement! I am not a TDD advocate, but I see its benefits.  Sadly, I've heard from a lot of people...

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