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How to safely change 13,000 lines of code, undo

Well, it's too bad.  But we decided today not to finish my 13,000-line change for our nullable value methods.  A bunch of time has gone by since I started this process, and for many reasons, I haven't had the time necessary to devote to completing it. During the process of working through the different data types, and reviewing the code where the old methods were used, I found that a lot of mistakes have been made.  Luckily though, in most places where mistakes have been made, the code still works just fine.  Often, 2 wrongs have made a right,...

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Fastest Enhancement Ever!

I think I just executed the fastest enhancement ever!  Here's my VPN status window as evidence: During this 15:30 connectivity, I added support for specifying a Country on job postings on the DotNetNuke project I worked on this past weekend.  Here were the steps involved: SVN Update Edit the DB schema to provide a CountryCode column, defaulting to US Create an Enum for CountryCode, with descriptions for the 3 countries that needed to be in the list Update the Fetch stored procedure to...

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How Subversion just saved me a day's work

Over time, I've found that I use Subversion in more and more ways.  Slapping 'My Documents' into a repository was cool; but then putting my IM chat logs in a repository was even better.  That let me merge chat logs from work and home and use Google Desktop at work to find chats that occurred at home.  And one of my other non-conventional uses of Subversion saved me a day's work today. Aside We were having a problem with AQdevTeam that I posted about here.  Kate from AutomatedQA actually commented here that a new version...

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TortoiseSVN Global Ignores

I have configured global ignores for TortoiseSVN.  This helps me omit the bin and obj folders as well as other user-level files.  There's no sense in putting those into the code trunk. Then enter: bin obj *.suo *.user Release Debug Technorati Tags: TortoiseSVN,Subversion

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