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Silverlight 2 Gotcha - Tab Navigation in a Popup, Take 2

After I posted about how to regain tab navigation in a popup, Ian commented that the workaround had some flaws.  First, he lost intellisense inside the <UserControl> and second, which is more painful, he could not refer to any controls inside the child <UserControl> from the page's code-behind. Well, I found a more suitable workaround.  Instead of using a <UserControl> to set the TabNagation, you can use a <ContentControl> instead.  Here's the updated workaround code: 1: <UserControl x:Class="PopupTabbing.Page" 2: ...

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Silverlight 2 Gotcha - Tab Navigation in a Popup

While building an app in Silverlight 2 RC0, I was trying to use a Popup to display a login form.  Pretty basic form: Username, Password, button.  But I immediately noticed that I could not hit Tab to move from one field to the next. Here's some XAML that demonstrates the problem: 1: <UserControl x:Class="PopupTabbing.Page" 2: xmlns="" 3: xmlns:x="" 4:...

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Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha - Layout Cycle Detected

Continuing my series of gotchas for Silverlight 2, I wanted to talk about a common error that people are seeing.  This error is something new that you might see when moving code from Beta 2 to the Release Candidate or later.  In Beta 2, if the layout engine detected a cycle, it didn't throw any errors; as I understand it, the layout was just aborted.  But with post Beta2 bits, an error is thrown. The error you'll get will specify "Layout Cycle Detected" as the message.  This error message is very accurate--the layout engine detected a cycle within your layout; or...

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Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha - ContentPresenter

As I'm sure you already know, a Release Candidate for Silverlight 2 was published.  ScottGu does an amazing job of covering a lot of information in his blog posts, and others like Mike Snow have also provided some excellent detail.  As they repeatedly told you, go check out the breaking changes document that lists all breaking changes from Beta2 to this release candidate. If you have a Silverlight application that runs against Beta2, please take immediate action to get it moved (in a test environment) to the RC bits.  There were a bunch of breaking changes (all for the better) and...

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