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How to safely change 13,000 lines of code, undo

Well, it's too bad.  But we decided today not to finish my 13,000-line change for our nullable value methods.  A bunch of time has gone by since I started this process, and for many reasons, I haven't had the time necessary to devote to completing it. During the process of working through the different data types, and reviewing the code where the old methods were used, I found that a lot of mistakes have been made.  Luckily though, in most places where mistakes have been made, the code still works just fine.  Often, 2 wrongs have made a right,...

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How to safely change 13,000 lines of code, part 2

Frankly, this isn't going as well as I hoped it would.  I'm pretty happy with the naming convention that I ended up with, but the search and replace isn't going so well to this point. I had estimated that 30% of the usage of the previous methods would be incorrect.  But then I stated that was a pessimistic estimate.  I don't have numbers, but so far it feels like we were wrong more often than we were right.  What's kind of reassuring is that in most places where mistakes were made, 2 mistakes were made, and, well, 2 wrongs...

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How to safely change 13,000 lines of code, part 1

I cranked out a bunch of code tonight for my new nullable types approach.  This is a .NET 1.1 solution, so it's pretty old school, but it was still fun. I explained the problem with our existing methods the other day.  Basically, we have a ton of helper functions for dealing with nulls and empty strings across all of the data types.  The methods are confusing and we haven't been using them correctly.  We need a more sensible approach. After chatting with Marco, we came up with something like this: ...

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90% of this job is figuring out what to call stuff

This has always been one of my favorite Dilbert strips.  Why?  Because in our field, it's true.  Many times I've spent more time figuring out what to call something than I spent actually developing it. This week, I've been gathering ideas from team members on how to name some methods that we use throughout our application.  The existing names are ambiguous and the methods have not always been used correctly, so I want to rename them to something that makes sense. We have 2 sets of methods for working with "nullable" values.  Pretty standard stuff: ...

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