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Adaptive Batch Sizes for Backend Processing

Most business systems include some form of backend processing. This could be report generation, data transformations, credit card processing, payment auditing, or countless other scenarios. It’s typical for these systems to pull records out of a queue, perform the necessary processing, and then move on to the next record. When possible, these systems are engineered to process more than one record at a time, reducing overhead and increasing efficiency. Each time a batch processing system is created though, we face a difficult question. What is the best batch size? This question is always hard to answer because we...

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Common NuGet Misconceptions: Package Restore

Package Restore is one of NuGet’s most popular features.  This has been especially true since NuGet 2.7 introduced Automatic Package Restore in Visual Studio and the nuget.exe restore command for simple command-line package restoration.  We hear many compliments about the feature and how it is transforming the way developers reference 3rd party libraries.  However, we also hear quite a few “bug reports” of Package Restore failing to perform a couple of expected functions that it will never do.  This post is to clear up the common misconceptions about package restore. Content Files Are Not Restored This is probably...

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I Get NuGet. You Get NuGet?

Hello, my name is Jeff, and I am addicted to NuGet.   I firmly believe NuGet is one of the best things to come out of Microsoft in a long time, or maybe ever.  NuGet has already transformed the way the RIA Services team releases software.  Now it’s starting to change the way we build our features.  I can envision lots of clever ways to utilize NuGet, but before going crazy, I want a sanity check. tl;dr: Should we go hog-wild with NuGet, or should we keep our focus on the MSI? Releasing Software Starting...

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WCF RIA Services - MIX11 Releases

This week at MIX, the RIA Services team has put out two releases: WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP2 Preview (April 2011) Download available here.  This MSI is also included with the Silverlight 5 Beta Tools. Note: you cannot have both SP1 and SP2 installed on your machine.  Installing SP2 will upgrade your machine from SP1 to SP2. This is a Preview-quality release and does not include a Go-Live license.  Here’s what you’ll find within this release: Support for Silverlight 5 Beta - SP1 does not properly perform code generation when...

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