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Making ViewModel Easier

Glenn Block and I have been working together on the ViewModel pattern.  We’ve been trying to identify the biggest pain points associated with the pattern, with the goal of adding framework support to alleviate the pain.  Tonight, Glenn posted, “View Model” – the movie, cast your vote. I decided to use our new friend to gather some feedback.  So here it is: What are the biggest pain points with the ViewModel pattern? Please participate in this poll for how the framework can better support the ViewModel pattern! Technorati Tags: ViewModel,Model-View-ViewModel,MVVM

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ViewModel Pattern

When I was at BIG, I created what I called the Extended MVP pattern.  I built a framework that was used on multiple projects for managing the presentation layer as well as validation.  I’m still very happy with what I created, and my teams at BIG are still pleased with those applications as well.  In fact, I just learned that they were looking into using the pattern within a Silverlight project they’re doing a proof of concept for.  I mentioned the ViewModel pattern to them, suggesting they use it instead of using the MVP approach.  When asked for more information,...

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