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Creating Derived Class Instances using MEF

I am building an extensible application that can handle any kind of product data.  Back in February, I started looking into a Generic Data Model for Custom Product Types.  After getting some feedback from my blog, on StackOverflow, and having some conversations with a few people, here’s the schema that I ended up with.   Ugly.  Yes.  But this lets me store a single product record, such as “Light bulb,” but have many differently configured light bulbs in the product details table, such as a 45-watt halogen flood light.  The Product schema can be extended to include...

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Generic Data Model for Custom Product Types

One problem I’ve never faced in the projects I’ve worked on is a custom product catalog.  I’ve often pondered how product catalogs are modeled.  Recently, I started working on a little play project for myself where I am going to face this problem.  In fact, one of the reasons I concocted this project for myself was so that I’d get tackle the problem. While watching Rob Conery’s MVC Storefront series though, I thought, maybe I should “do this in the open.”  Let’s solve this problem in public.  Let’s define a generic data model for custom product types. I...

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