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Merry Christmas! It’s my off-site backup.

Almost 4 years ago, I moved my family from Cincinnati, Ohio to Redmond, Washington so that I could join Microsoft.  Since we have two young children, and a small family, the move has been really hard on the grandparents.  But as our first Christmas out here approached, I came up with an idea that I’ve been repeating each year since.  Last night, I tweeted about this idea and the tweet went a bit viral, with hundreds of retweets (thanks largely to Scott Hanselman, I’m sure). Every year I give the grandparents DVDs with all of our...

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Xbox 360 First Impressions

We’ve had our Xbox 360 Arcade hooked up to our new 32” flat panel since last weekend.  So far, my impressions are mixed. When we first turned it on, we plugged in Pac Man, that came with the console as one of the arcade games.  Wow, it sucked.  There is this moving border thing around the edge of the game board and it’s very distracting.  And the game play seemed quite different from what we were used to.  (Kelly was playing).  Instead of a board full of dots, there were only some dots and it looked like after she...

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