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Headless Horseplay - MediaSmart Home Server Status Indicators

I posted an entry that Google Reader isn't picking up for some reason.  Go check it out here. Technorati Tags: HP MediaSmart Server,Windows Home Server,WHS,Family Photos

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Headless Horseplay - MediaSmart Home Server Status Indicators

I am working on a Family Photos application that organizes digital pictures into a chronological structure.  I had created thrown together an application like this years ago, but it was no longer going to cut it, especially with the new Windows Home Server in the mix.  One key requirement for Family Photos is to very easily move pictures off of the SD card from the camera, queuing them up for organization, and allowing the SD card to be taken back and put back into the camera.  Our old process involved the following: Unlock the screen for...

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HP MediaSmart Home Server and Photo Sharing

We invested in an HP MediaSmart Server EX470.  This server will become where we store our documents, music, photos, video, and more.  One of the major draws for me was the photo/video sharing website that you get out of the box.  Our family website has been down for months because the “server” (read: old Pentium 2-450 Mhz box with a 20GB HD) has been offline.  So we are really eager to get a family website back online.  Our families are missing seeing the boys, so we want to at least show them some pictures! Besides the hardware problems with...

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