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Merry Christmas! It’s my off-site backup.

Almost 4 years ago, I moved my family from Cincinnati, Ohio to Redmond, Washington so that I could join Microsoft.  Since we have two young children, and a small family, the move has been really hard on the grandparents.  But as our first Christmas out here approached, I came up with an idea that I’ve been repeating each year since.  Last night, I tweeted about this idea and the tweet went a bit viral, with hundreds of retweets (thanks largely to Scott Hanselman, I’m sure). Every year I give the grandparents DVDs with all of our...

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Headless Horseplay - MediaSmart Home Server Status Indicators

I posted an entry that Google Reader isn't picking up for some reason.  Go check it out here. Technorati Tags: HP MediaSmart Server,Windows Home Server,WHS,Family Photos

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Headless Horseplay - MediaSmart Home Server Status Indicators

I am working on a Family Photos application that organizes digital pictures into a chronological structure.  I had created thrown together an application like this years ago, but it was no longer going to cut it, especially with the new Windows Home Server in the mix.  One key requirement for Family Photos is to very easily move pictures off of the SD card from the camera, queuing them up for organization, and allowing the SD card to be taken back and put back into the camera.  Our old process involved the following: Unlock the screen for...

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Accept Except, Except - Thumbnail creator fun with Linq

It is time to write a new version of my application to pull photos off a memory stick and organize them as I like them to be.  Our current version was a quick hack to get something working when we got our digital camera a couple of years ago.  It was hacked over and over, and it ended up being very tightly bound to a certain use case.  Our use case has now changed since we have a Windows Home Server.  It's time for a more robust solution that will survive future process changes. I got to the ThumbnailCreator...

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