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How BabySmash kept me loyal to Kensington

The 2nd most popular article I’ve had on this blog has nothing to do with programming.  While that could be depressing under a certain light, I think it’s actually quite telling of an interesting situation.  I love my Kensington Expert Mouse, but it’s not supported under Vista.  I wrote an article that shows how to get the programmable buttons working again, minus the chord functions.  This article gets more traffic than all but one other post on my blog. The article has also received a large amount of feedback.  I think this says a lot about Kensington customers and...

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Kensington Expert Mouse on Vista (or Windows 7)

Not long ago, I wrote about how I love my trackball.  Unfortunately, Kensington isn't providing software for configuring the Expert Mouse in Vista (or in 64-bit XP from what I can tell).  However, I did find a solution, for the most part. Install IntelliPoint for Vista. Select "Microsoft Trackball Optical" as your device Install X-Mouse Button Control Double-click the icon that is added to your system tray. "Left Button" = Lower-left button "Right Button = Lower-right button "Middle...

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I love my Trackball

Earlier this year, I started experiencing some hand and finger problems including pain and numbness.  I was noticing it most near the end of a long day, and while using my mouse. For a long time, I had been using (and loving) the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 5000. I can't stand wired mice, and Optical is a must, so this mouse was a good fit for me.  But, having 3 screens requires a lot of mouse movement, even with very high mouse speed. When I mentioned my hand pain to Chris Spiess (coworker), he suggested switching to a...

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