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An even faster enhancement

Well, I just broke my record again I think. It's been 17 minutes since I finished the last enhancement.  Within this 17 minutes, I blogged about my previous enhancement and then completed a new enhancement. There's a 'Submit Resume' link next to each job's position number now.  When you click on that, it passes the position number to the Submit Resume page and it pre-fills the message body of the form with a statement that the person is interested in the noted position number. DotNetNuke made this really easy to do, with the following...

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Fastest Enhancement Ever!

I think I just executed the fastest enhancement ever!  Here's my VPN status window as evidence: During this 15:30 connectivity, I added support for specifying a Country on job postings on the DotNetNuke project I worked on this past weekend.  Here were the steps involved: SVN Update Edit the DB schema to provide a CountryCode column, defaulting to US Create an Enum for CountryCode, with descriptions for the 3 countries that needed to be in the list Update the Fetch stored procedure to...

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DotNetNuke: Project Completed

I just wrapped up my first DotNetNuke project.  Well, I completed the initial development anyway.  I'm sure we'll need to tweak the skin a little and the client may want some other adjustments... but the functionality is done. I downloaded DNN for the first time Friday night around 10pm.  And at roughly 11am this morning, 37 hours later, the project is complete.  Now, to be fair, I worked 27.25 of those 37 hours.  And I had done a few days' reading before I downloaded anything.  But for start-to-finish in a weekend, I'm happy. I am satisfied with...

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DotNetNuke - First Impressions

I worked with DotNetNuke for the first time tonight.  I must say, I'm really impressed!  Although I had some trouble during the install, I got past that and then jumped right into creating a portal. The page editing features are outstanding.  I was especially blown away at the hyperlink feature.  You can link to URLs, pages in the portal, files on your server, anchors in the text, or an email address.  And it's all very intuitive and automated for you. I was awed when I had to fix a typo in an anchor name after I had...

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Error Installing DotNetNuke 4.8.0

I'm setting up DotNetNuke for a project and I got an error trying to install the database. Installing Database - Version 4.4.0...FAILURE 400 - Thread was being aborted. I couldn't find any help anywhere.  I think I figured it out though.  I was using the custom installation option and I'd get the error after what I think was about 3 minutes.  I suspect that IIS was terminating the thread because the request had been running too long. I didn't actually need to change any of the options for the custom installation, so I...

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