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Lookups in DataGrid and DataForm with RIA Services

While off reading random blog posts on the tubes, I stumbled upon a post that describes a 101-level scenario of using lookup data in the DataGrid and DataForm with RIA Services.  The author was struggling to find a solution for the problem and was clearly frustrated. The scenario is very common; let’s use the Cars example where every Model refers to its Make. We want a DataGrid that includes the make name as a column: And we want a DataForm with a ComboBox for the Make:   ...

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Add/Remove with DataForm and RIA Services

Note: The limitations discussed herein no longer apply once you get WCF RIA Services V1 SP1 Beta (or later). See Kyle McClellan's blog for more info. Tom Beeby posted a topic on the RIA Services forums about adding a new entity via the DataForm buttons.  Specifically, he pointed out a problem where the DataForm does not light up the Add/Remove buttons when bound to an EntityList from your DomainContext.  To exacerbate the problem, it turns out that binding to an EntityCollection<T> from RIA Services won’t let you Add or Remove either.  I’ve dug into this problem with some team members,...

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Async Validation with .NET RIA Services and DataForm

Please note… this post is out-dated and all of the madness below is no longer needed in order to implement Async Validation with RIA Services.  Please see the new post for the current approach. The Birth of QuickSilverlight.Validation Over on the .NET RIA Services forums, “SilverlightRIA” asked about performing asynchronous validation with .NET RIA Services and the Silverlight Toolkit’s DataForm.  He wanted to intercept the Commit from the DataForm and invoke his async validation, integrating the results into the DataForm’s validation UI.  This was an interesting scenario so I put some time into a solution for it this week.  The result is...

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