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Writing a Custom Filter or Parameter for DomainDataSource

This post comes to you from a guest writer, Kyle McClellan.  Kyle works with me on the RIA Services team and he’s contributed to the DomainDataSource feature (among many other features in the framework).  Kyle made the changes that allowed us to remove ControlParameter and use ElementName bindings for FilterDescriptor and Parameter that I recently blogged about. Now that the ControlParameter has been properly disposed of, you might have noticed that Parameter has changed substantially. Before, a Parameter was used for filtering, grouping, sorting, and querying. Now it is only used in the last case. If you...

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DomainDataSource Filters and Parameters

Of all changes that made it into the RIA Services RC release, one of the ones that I'm happiest about is the deletion of a class called ControlParameter.  Yes, ControlParameter is gone, gone, gone--finally!  If you’re wondering how you’ll get your UI-based filters and parameters to work without ControlParameter, do not fret… it’s easy; just use an ElementName binding! Let’s take a look at the changes related to Filters and Parameters… ControlParameter is gone… Good Riddance! Since the inception of RIA Services, the DomainDataSource control has relied upon ControlParameter tags for specifying Filters and Query Parameters that...

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