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Custom Controls Everywhere – In XAML

Earlier this year, I talked about how I hadn’t yet seen the need for using the Custom Controls Everywhere approach in XAML.  I said, “Just use the controls you have, apply styles, and attach properties and behaviors.  And if you find a case where this falls short, let me know!” Well, today, Rick Strahl had a tweet: What's the best way to provide cell padding in the Silverlight grid control? Apply margins to all cell child controls? To which I replied: Yeah, unfortunately, margins on all child controls. Or,...

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Custom Controls Everywhere – In XAML

You’ve heard me preach it before.  Custom Controls Everywhere, damn it!  It’s my mantra, my MO, one of my core beliefs for application development. As I started getting used to XAML, I kept thinking about how I’d implement custom controls everywhere and utilize the pattern in the same way I have before.  Since the concept applies equally well to ASP.NET and WinForms, I of course assumed that I would want to apply it to XAML (either Silverlight or WPF) too.  However, while actually doing my work in XAML, I restrained from creating custom controls right off the bat, instead...

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