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GitHub, Triggered Deployments, and In-Browser Editing

Earlier this month, I explored using WebMatrix, Git, and AppHarbor to quickly create and publish a web site in the cloud.  While at work this afternoon I got a phone call from a relative with a usability issue on the site.  To fix the issue, I simply needed to wrap a hyperlink around an image, but I only had about 60 seconds to spare, which wasn’t enough time.  Here’s what I would have needed to do: Open up a command prompt and cd into D:\github git clone ...

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WebMatrix, Git, and AppHarbor

I needed to crank out a single-page web site for my son, to help him promote his popcorn sales for cub scouts.  I decided it was a perfect opportunity to try some new things, so I jumped into WebMatrix to create the site, added it to a Git repository, and deployed it to AppHarbor under Xander’s own domain name.  Start to finish, it took 30 minutes and my son gave me an A+. Installing WebMatrix WebMatrix is one of the easiest-to-install Microsoft products ever.  Really.  Just go to and click the big green button for “Install WebMatrix”...

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