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How Subversion just saved me a day's work

Over time, I've found that I use Subversion in more and more ways.  Slapping 'My Documents' into a repository was cool; but then putting my IM chat logs in a repository was even better.  That let me merge chat logs from work and home and use Google Desktop at work to find chats that occurred at home.  And one of my other non-conventional uses of Subversion saved me a day's work today. Aside We were having a problem with AQdevTeam that I posted about here.  Kate from AutomatedQA actually commented here that a new version...

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AQdevTeam - Crash Editing Permissions

We use AQdevTeam for internal task tracking as well as for Quality Assurance Problem Report (QAPR) items.  Not long ago, we started getting an error whenever we try to edit item permissions. Here are the reproduction steps: Click on Administration->Permissions Select a project Click on Permissions After clicking leaving this dialog with "Don't terminate the application" selected, we get another error: I think we're pretty much hosed. Technorati Tags: AQdevTeam

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