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Extended MVP Pattern - Domain Validation

When I wrote my Extended MVP Pattern article back in November, it got some criticism.  Specifically: Each 'thing' in the model should include it's own business rules, validation rules, security, and persistance [sic] rules. I argued that I've seen times with having all of the validation (and all other logic) in the domain layer doesn't pan out.  However, what I didn't talk about in detail was that my extended MVP pattern actually satisfies the desire to put the validation logic into the domain layer. When I started creating my pattern, having the validation...

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MVC/MVP Validation - How's it done?

ScottGu posted Part 1 of a series about ASP.NET MVC.  One of the comments asked, "How is input validation going to work?"  That's something that I've been wondering about as well.  With the ASP.NET MVC framework, and others it seems, if the controller has no reference to the view, how does the controller tell the view that the first name field is required?  How does the controller tell the view that the phone number field must be a valid US phone number?  Moreover, how does the controller enforce field-level security, or anything else that would require fine-grained control over the...

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An Extended MVP Pattern (MVP Validation)

Until last year, I had never used an MVP/MVC pattern before.  I had read about the patterns at Martin Fowler's site, although the Model View Presenter pattern has since been retired.  I had also seen some posts and demos and talks where people were using MVC/MVP frameworks.  But I kept thinking there was something missing.  I couldn't put my finger on it for a long time, but I just had that gut feeling that something wasn't covered. Last year though, I was assigned to a new project, for the first time in a few years.  The new project was...

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