May 2010 Blog Posts

Async Validation with RIA Services

Almost a year ago, I posted a lengthy article on how to implement Async Validation with RIA Services and DataForm.  It was hard; much harder than it should have been, and we all knew it.  Since then, things have changed, and async validation is a lot simpler.  Let’s take a look at why it’s easier and how you can easily perform async validation in your application. INotifyDataErrorInfo Silverlight 4 shipped with an interface called INotifyDataErrorInfo, and controls that previously supported validation by way of exceptions now support async validation through this interface.  This laid the groundwork for RIA...

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RIA Services V1.0 and Beyond

I came to Microsoft 2 years ago to join project Alexandria, which had the goal of making Silverlight an approachable framework for building business applications.  The domain really excited me and it’s been an honor to work on this product.  In case you’ve been living under a rock, we released the official 1.0 version of RIA Services back on May 17th.  Here are some links to announcements that I’m sure you’ve already seen. Scott Guthrie Nikhil Kothari Tim Heuer Silverlight.TV Episode 28 (WCF RIA...

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