January 2009 Blog Posts

FeedBurner Transition Completed

Well, the transition didn’t go smoothly.  I was getting 404 errors from my feed after the transition completed.  I ended up having to disable the MyBrand feature and then activate it again, and the feed immediately worked thereafter. I’m hoping that my subscriber count gets back to where it should be.  It’s down to virtually zero because for some reason, Google Reader subscribers are not showing up in the stats.

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FeedBurner Transition

It was time to move my blog feed from FeedBurner to Google.  I’ve been worried about this transition after seeing Phil Haack share his nightmare about this.  Here’s to hoping that this post shows up in everyone’s reader!

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How to Use Me

After writing “It’s How Its Is Used,” I decided that I wanted to also write about one of my other pet peeves related to grammar.  Now, I am not perfect with my grammar, and I’m no language zealot, but there are a few common mistakes that drive me crazy.  Today I am going to tell you about how to use “me.”  I’m talking about the pronoun “me,” specifically as a direct object, and how “I” should not be used. Let’s look at the following sentence; see if you can find anything wrong. If you have...

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It’s How Its Is Used

I am really tired of seeing “It’s” get misused.   With the apostrophe, “it’s” is the contraction of “it is.”  If you are trying to talk about the possession of “it” then the word you want is “its” without the apostrophe. Yes, the English language is a little tricky here, but this isn’t rocket science.  I’m blown away at how many people get this wrong.  You can even see that “It’s” was misused on the cover of the last issue of Dr. Dobb’s Journal. (If you don’t know, it should have been, “Has Its Ship Come In?”). I remember...

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Attention Login Forms, Control Your Focus

I remember back in 1999 when it was a really cool trick to automatically put focus into the first form field when the page finished loading.  That used to be an impressive bit of JavaScript.  But anymore, I am flabbergasted at how many sites implement this incorrectly.  I am tired of getting frustrated by the following series of events: Open a new browser window and navigate to your bank’s website, say for instance, www.citicards.com As soon as the login form appears, you click your mouse into the username box and enter your username...

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