November 2008 Blog Posts

Web Platform Installer – Complete Goodness

I decided it was time to install the Beta for ASP.NET MVC and start playing with it when I’m bored.  My gut was to go to Phil’s blog, dig around, find the link to the Beta, follow it, download it and futz through the installation process.  But I cringed at how painful that process usually is. Then I remembered reading about the Web Platform Installer on Scott Hanselman’s blog this morning.  I’m typically skeptical of these types of utilities because they usually only half work, and when they fail, it’s really hard to recover.  But I decided to throw...

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Silverlight Airlines with a ViewModel

Not long after I joined Microsoft, I was looking at the Silverlight Airlines code sample.  I was new to Silverlight, so I used this demo as a way to help learn Silverlight.  The demo app is pretty cool, and ScottGu showed it off at Mix, so I had seen it before.  I took on an exercise to attempt to add some features to the application, and this helped me learn more about Silverlight. To select a flight, you drag your mouse from one city to another, and then drag over the date range for your travel. ...

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How BabySmash kept me loyal to Kensington

The 2nd most popular article I’ve had on this blog has nothing to do with programming.  While that could be depressing under a certain light, I think it’s actually quite telling of an interesting situation.  I love my Kensington Expert Mouse, but it’s not supported under Vista.  I wrote an article that shows how to get the programmable buttons working again, minus the chord functions.  This article gets more traffic than all but one other post on my blog. The article has also received a large amount of feedback.  I think this says a lot about Kensington customers and...

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