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Political Rant – Blogger Blog Reopened

I’ve reopened my blogger blog so that I could post a political rant without putting this blog.  I’ll probably post some more, but I won’t give any further announcements of such.  If you care to read what I had to say, here’s the link.

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Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha - Layout Cycle Detected

Continuing my series of gotchas for Silverlight 2, I wanted to talk about a common error that people are seeing.  This error is something new that you might see when moving code from Beta 2 to the Release Candidate or later.  In Beta 2, if the layout engine detected a cycle, it didn't throw any errors; as I understand it, the layout was just aborted.  But with post Beta2 bits, an error is thrown. The error you'll get will specify "Layout Cycle Detected" as the message.  This error message is very accurate--the layout engine detected a cycle within your layout; or...

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Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha - ContentPresenter

As I'm sure you already know, a Release Candidate for Silverlight 2 was published.  ScottGu does an amazing job of covering a lot of information in his blog posts, and others like Mike Snow have also provided some excellent detail.  As they repeatedly told you, go check out the breaking changes document that lists all breaking changes from Beta2 to this release candidate. If you have a Silverlight application that runs against Beta2, please take immediate action to get it moved (in a test environment) to the RC bits.  There were a bunch of breaking changes (all for the better) and...

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Items in the News that Caught my Attention

This article has nothing to do with technology, at all.  Just me talking about a couple of things in the news that have caught my attention. Our Biased Media I saw a headline on CNN the other day, "McCain adviser Fiorina: Palin not ready to run a corporation."  The headline is a blatant slam against Palin, which of course is not unusual.  Now, I don't think Palin is infallible, but she does seem to be getting a biased amount of subjective criticism from the press.  I read the article though, to see what it was about,...

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Custom Controls Everywhere and ASP.NET MVC, part 3

Disclaimer: This article and the ideas presented are based on 7-month-old thoughts that have been undeveloped.  While I expect the ideals disclosed are still valid, they might be totally off-base.  I wanted to finish writing this series and share my thoughts, but I've been unable to keep up with the ASP.NET MVC framework.  Please check here for more information. Another Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way.  I am not involved in the ASP.NET MVC project. This article discusses how I think the ASP.NET MVC...

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IF in Batch Files

Yes, I still write batch files.  Sue me.* Here’s one version of my IF statement: 1: SET ProgRoot=%ProgramFiles% 2:  3: IF NOT "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" == "" ( 4: SET ProgRoot=%ProgramFiles(x86)% 5: ) 6:  7: ECHO %ProgRoot% This will output: C:\Program Files (x86 Yes, it’s missing...

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Custom Controls Everywhere and ASP.NET MVC, incomplete

I appreciate all of the interest in this article series and I apologize that I've not finished it yet.  I'd like to offer my excuse, although you might not see it as a valid one.  And I'll share my plans for completing the article series. When I started writing this series of articles, I was examining ASP.NET MVC for use on my current project.  I was also about to interview at Microsoft, for what I thought could be a position on the ASP.NET MVC team.  With that combination, it was important that I get pretty familiar with what the team was...

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Custom Controls Everywhere is Cheap!

I've noticed that I get quite a bit of traffic on my blog for my "Custom Controls Everywhere" posts.  This page in particular has driven a bunch of people to Custom Controls Everywhere and ASP.NET MVC, Part 0.  The response to the link is actually consistent with a question I've gotten a couple of times in email and in person too.  In fact, it's also the gut reaction whenever I tell someone to use custom controls everywhere--something alluding to it costing too much. I think what I've failed to lay out with my custom controls everywhere sermon is that...

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Being forced into retirement

Over the course of my career, I've had many projects get forced into retirement, for many different reasons.  During my years of self-employment, we created sites and applications for lots of small businesses.  I learned during this time that small businesses are very volatile and our hard work on an application might never pay off because the business might fail regardless of its software (and we might not even get paid).  But I also built a system for large company and the division was sold off; the software ultimately became useless.  When building systems to run businesses, the software is...

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