August 2008 Blog Posts

Installing VS 2008 SP1 and I’m bored

Before leaving last night, I uninstalled all of the appropriate bits, and then fired off the installation for VS 2008 SP1.  I had heard it took a couple of hours, so I wanted to let it do its work while I was gone. This morning, I arrived to find that the installation had paused, waiting for me to close down Word, Outlook and Internet Explorer.  So now I’ve closed those apps down and resumed the installation. So, when I cannot use Office or IE, what should I be doing?  I don’t have Firefox installed, so I cannot even browse with that. Before I...

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Headless Horseplay - MediaSmart Home Server Status Indicators

I posted an entry that Google Reader isn't picking up for some reason.  Go check it out here. Technorati Tags: HP MediaSmart Server,Windows Home Server,WHS,Family Photos

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NIN Concert Review

It was a couple of weeks ago now, but Kelly and I went to the Nine Inch Nails concert in Seattle.  I had really been looking forward to going, and let me tell you, Trent did not disappoint me one bit.  The show was absolutely amazing. I must admit, and offer as a disclaimer, that I'm not much of a concert-goer.  I think my last concert before this one was seeing Dishwalla perform in a dive bar in Cincinnati after winning 2 tickets from Q102--that was in either 1996 or 1997.  I think there were 20 people there to...

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My first panoramic picture

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip down to the Mt. Rainier National Park.  We took tons of pictures and some of the views were absolutely spectacular.  At one point, we walked down a trail onto the river bed of the White River, and there was a log bridge going over the river.  The scene was just breathtaking.  I hadn't ever used the Stitch Assist feature on our Canon PowerShot S3 IS, and I decided that was the time to try it out. I took 3 pictures, using the highest resolution in the "Landscape" mode.  The other...

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Headless Horseplay - MediaSmart Home Server Status Indicators

I am working on a Family Photos application that organizes digital pictures into a chronological structure.  I had created thrown together an application like this years ago, but it was no longer going to cut it, especially with the new Windows Home Server in the mix.  One key requirement for Family Photos is to very easily move pictures off of the SD card from the camera, queuing them up for organization, and allowing the SD card to be taken back and put back into the camera.  Our old process involved the following: Unlock the screen for...

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Pushups Challenge - I'll take the bait

I had seen a few folks talk about the hundredpushups plan, and Rob Conery's post piqued my interest a little more than others.  Maybe it was just the recurrence that made me pay more attention, dunno.  But all I was really interested in doing was seeing how many push-ups I could do.  However, anxiety about not doing enough to satisfy myself prevented me from trying, until Dave put out an offer that I couldn't turn down: For my friends out there, if you also get involved and do the program with me (and complete it) I...

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Accept Except, Except - Thumbnail creator fun with Linq

It is time to write a new version of my application to pull photos off a memory stick and organize them as I like them to be.  Our current version was a quick hack to get something working when we got our digital camera a couple of years ago.  It was hacked over and over, and it ended up being very tightly bound to a certain use case.  Our use case has now changed since we have a Windows Home Server.  It's time for a more robust solution that will survive future process changes. I got to the ThumbnailCreator...

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