May 2008 Blog Posts


A little over a month ago, I announced that I was leaving BIG and relocating to Seattle.  I think the blog post came out a bit somber, which wasn't necessarily intentional.  Leaving BIG and the DASL project was certainly hard for me to do, so I think the tone was probably a subconscious leak of my sadness to walk away from something I liked so much.  But I want to communicate firmly that I am very thankful for this opportunity to join Microsoft and work on the Silverlight framework.  I am super-excited to have joined Microsoft; more so than I...

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Review: Garmin 660

I mentioned that we were going to get a Garmin.  We've got it shortly before leaving Cincinnati, and we've had it with us our first week in Seattle.  We went with the Garmin nuvi 660 because of the unbelievable deals they had on it.  I don't know if it's about to be discontinued or what, but it was showing a list price of around $700 and we got it for just over $300; everyone that carried it had it on sale.  The list price is now showing as $555.71 on Garmin's website. This is our first GPS/navigation unit, other than the nuvi we borrowed...

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