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Dave Yardy wrote a post questioning SQL CLR Types.  I posted the following response: I don't know why you would want to store a serialized UDT in the database.  Having to drop the type if it changes is really, really scary.   However, I had some outstanding results using the following pattern:   Need Perform a calculation that spans thousands or tens of thousands of records, with a single scalar result.   Approach (it's been almost 2 years since I wrote this code, so I don't remember details) Create a custom type that has fields for each aspect of the records that need to be analyzed...

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Getting a Garmin

Since we'll be moving into a city that we don't know, we've decided to acquire a Garmin GPS.  Our realtor let us borrow his while we were in Redmond/Seattle last weekend, and it was very nice.  We had planned to just buy a good map, but after using the Garmin, we changed our minds. The Garmin nuvi 660 is selling for half-off or better right now.  It speaks street names, it has BlueTooth, can receive FM traffic updates, and much, much more.  Looks like that's our winner! Technorati Tags: GPS,Garmin,nuvi,maps

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Assistance Needed: TV & Home Server/Media Center

As Kelly and I plan our move, we've decided that now is the time to invest in a television.  We're a little behind in technology here.  Okay, more than a little, a lot.  Our "big" TV is a 27" CRT that is about 10 years old.  In our new (and small) digs, we thought it would be wise to go ahead and get a flat screen TV to save space.  In Cincinnati, we have a living room (sans TV) and a family room (with the 27" TV).  In Redmond, we'll have a single living space, so it'll need to house...

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Leaving BIG and Relocating

I have decided to leave Business Integration Group (BIG).  I've been at BIG for a little over 5 years, and it's been a fantastic journey with them.  I'm very happy at BIG and it was very difficult to decide to leave them.  I've also thoroughly enjoyed the DASL project that I've been a part of for the majority of my tenure, and it will be difficult to walk away. To say that I've been happy at BIG is an understatement.  It's a terrific place to work and the company is stacked full of some very smart people.  It has...

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