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Karl Seguin's Foundations of Programming

Karl Seguin is off to a great start with his series on Foundations of Programming.  He posted Part 2 today and it's a great read.  I look forward to the remainder of the series.

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Keeping it Simple and Searching my Brain with Google

I was talking with someone last night about how simple websites are the ones that catch on. is the best example--their homepage has always been unbelievably simple, and that has been key to them becoming the search leader.  I was trying to remember the site that I saw awhile back that was another example of simple, for creating a web pages. I could remember that the site used a markup language different from wiki formats, and the language was targeted toward writers, focusing on simplicity.  But for the life in me, I couldn't remember what the site was,...

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A sad loss in the family

Last Monday, my wife took the boys down to Tennessee in hopes of visiting her aunt Debbie.  Debbie had been ill for quite awhile, after having been diagnosed with sclerodema.  Kelly had a ton going on leading up to her trip, including having a playgroup at the house with a dozen other moms and kids, but she felt compelled to go, despite the hectic schedule incurred. Kelly got to see her aunt Debbie for about 5 minutes on Tuesday.  Wednesday, Debbie had a heart attack and was hospitalized.  Thanksgiving day, the doctors were talking about releasing her, but then...

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Excel's Search() function

It's always the little things.  You think, "ah yeah, that'll do what I need, no problem."  Then you try it and get an unexpected result.  Forty-five minutes later, you're beating your head against the desk wondering why in the hell you even work on computers. Last night, I had a list of files from an SVN Log command; I was compiling a list of the files changed during a certain timeframe.  I wanted to filter some files out, namely the vbproj files.  After trying to use the standard Find window and deleting the rows manually, I thought there should...

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Terminals - Simply Awesome

For several months now, I've been using Terminals for my remote desktop needs.  This is an amazingly great time saver.  I have to remote desktop into several machines each day, many times multiple machines at once.  This tool has probably saved me a few hours since I started using it. For any of your that have to regularly remote desktop into any machine, or multiple machines, go get Terminals from CodePlex. Technorati Tags: Remote Desktop , Productivity

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Response to Criticism of my Extended MVP Pattern

As I posted, I received some criticism about my extended MVP pattern over on ScottGu's blog.  I wanted to submit my response here, and I'll link to this post in a comment on ScottGu's blog. I will venture to guess that the vast majority of the folks that read ScottGu's blog are pretty sharp folks.  And experienced software developers know that there is no sure-fire solution to every problem; there is no single architecture or design pattern that fits every project; there is no silver bullet so to speak.  Microsoft's offering of an MVC framework as well as a...

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Criticism of my Extended MVP Pattern

Over on the ASP.NET MVC (Part 1) thread on ScottGu's blog, there's a little discussion between myself and a couple of others about whether or not a controller should have any logic in it. Doug Ramirez stated: Each 'thing' in the model should include it's own business rules, validation rules, security, and persistance [sic] rules. Doug was stating that Microsoft should publish best practices and guidelines for how to build MVC applications, and he was dictating that controllers should not have any logic--all logic should be housed within your business objects. I...

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In keeping up with the ASP.NET MVC discussions on ScottGu's blog, Scott made a good point about how ASP.NET will be supporting MVC, not MVP. The above approach I showed uses a MVC based pattern - where the Controller and the View tend to be more separate and more loosly [sic] coupled.  In a MVP pattern you typically drive the UI via interfaces.  This works well with a controls model, and makes a lot of sense with both WinForms and WebForms where you are using a postback model. Both MVC and MVP are...

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MVC/MVP Validation - How's it done?

ScottGu posted Part 1 of a series about ASP.NET MVC.  One of the comments asked, "How is input validation going to work?"  That's something that I've been wondering about as well.  With the ASP.NET MVC framework, and others it seems, if the controller has no reference to the view, how does the controller tell the view that the first name field is required?  How does the controller tell the view that the phone number field must be a valid US phone number?  Moreover, how does the controller enforce field-level security, or anything else that would require fine-grained control over the...

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A problem prevented the document from being scanned

I've been running Windows Vista Ultimate at home for several months now.  Overall I've been satisfied, but I only use my home PC for a handful of hours per week, and I don't get to do much development from home. We have been using my Lexmark X5150 to scan and print, and that's been going okay under Vista, even though we can't use the Lexmark software for scanning.  A few weeks ago though, Windows Photo Gallery stopped scanning for us.  We kept getting the error message, "a problem prevented the document from being scanned."  By wife tried several things...

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An Extended MVP Pattern (MVP Validation)

Until last year, I had never used an MVP/MVC pattern before.  I had read about the patterns at Martin Fowler's site, although the Model View Presenter pattern has since been retired.  I had also seen some posts and demos and talks where people were using MVC/MVP frameworks.  But I kept thinking there was something missing.  I couldn't put my finger on it for a long time, but I just had that gut feeling that something wasn't covered. Last year though, I was assigned to a new project, for the first time in a few years.  The new project was...

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My work pace

A lot of people have been talking recently about keeping a healthy pace at work (some links below).  This is something that has really been hitting home (pun intended) for me.  Those that know me know that I work long, long hours, all the time. Back when I was self-employed 100%, and I was single, I was averaging 70-80 hours per week.  This lasted for a couple of years.  We had spells where 100+ hour weeks occurred.  One of our best/worst weeks was when we deployed a new point of sale system for a stored owned by P&G and...

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An error must look like an error

Today, I had one of my development tasks come back to me because it failed QA.  I had been tasked with implementing a custom error page, and I did so.  I added all kinds of juicy information to the screen such as the highest version number of all binaries from the solution, the last database patch date, and browser information.  I made the screen very pretty and friendly so that it wasn't "scary" anymore. Unfortunately, this failed our QA department's testing.  The problem was that the screen no longer looked like an error.  It was too pretty.  It was...

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Sensory QA

Every once in awhile, I find a product that does not please the senses.  One of my best examples was when my wife bought some Folgers Jakada when it came out.  I'm hooked on Starbucks Frappuccinos and the Folgers alternative was much cheaper.  Well, as I took my first sip from the Folgers bottle, my top lip scraped against an edge of the bottle.  After a few more sips, I realized that the bottle was designed in a way that made it uncomfortable to drink out of it.  I asked a few other people to try drinking one, without...

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Building a CSV List in SQL (2000)

This is a little trick that I figured out a long time ago, as in like 4 years ago.  But a coworker recently applied the trick because he had seen some of my old code and he needed to do the same thing. This works well inside stored procedures and user-defined functions, but it cannot be used in a view or inline query. 1: DECLARE @Names TABLE (Name varchar(20)) 2: INSERT @Names 3: SELECT 'Jeff' UNION ALL ...

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